Starry Night, Art installation 2014, header image

Starry Night

We are stardust

Every atom in our body, and almost every element on earth, was created in the heart of a colossal star billions of years ago before planet earth was born. Playing with this scientific truth, Miller celebrates our eternal wonder at the beauty of space and visualises our deep connection to it. The work is a contemporary cosmological map that uses code, imagery and sensors to scoop the passerby off the street and return them to their glittery place of origin: the night sky. The simulated universe responds to movement on the street, further provoking waves of motion into the installation’s cosmos.
Brad Miller
Time Based Media Artwork
For Vivid. Walsh Bay, Sydney
An Enigma Machine Production,
Producer: Philippa Bateman

“One of the ten must-see works this year at Vivid”

Business Insider